Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our daughter, Cindy, has a day care in Pennsylvania. One year when Mother's Day was coming up, she decided to take some 'old fashion' pictures of the kids, to give as gifts to their Mothers. The pictures shown, are only a small sampling of those taken, most are framed and hang in our loft.

I may only be a proud Mother, but I've always thought that she takes fantastic pictures. COURTNEY, THOMAS, CODI, EMILY (part of the gang)


Gollum said...

Oh, my gosh!!!!! The photos are outstanding! And what adorable children!

Tootsie said...

I am so flattered that you thought of me when driving the gardens today! Thanks so much. I also wanted to tell you...THIS IS YOUR BLOG! if RMS didn't like it..then do it here! Your family is important to you, and you should absolutely post thier photots...we bloggers love to see the families of our friends. I love these photos...they remind me of when my first child was only 9 months old...I was babysitting my sister's 9 month old one day and I had my sis bring her several different changes of clothes....I had a photo shoot! My mom laughed when I told her what I was doing...she accused me of playing "dolls"...I had to agree except for the fact that my models kept moving around! I can imagine how much fun she must have had taking these...
I am a certified day care person...but only because I was on the waiting list for the correctional services program...can you beleive that ALL of the courses to become a day care provider are the same as to become a correctional officer? All you need to add to it was some law, criminal justice, and some self defense courses! lol
I guess these little people are not so different to watch than inmates in a jail...except that they are adorable!