Saturday, August 23, 2008


I tried to add further comments to this set of dishes and ended up losing the picture and what I composed. So now it ended up out of order and rather then having to do this whole post over again, I'm leaving it here and adding comments about the pattern.

The set is by Christopher Stuart, named Ivy Park. I like to call it my Spring Set, but I do use it throughout the year. The table cloths are usually green in color, going from light to hunter green or a Waverly, Cranston Plaid cloth. I most likely use the white crocheted place mats to keep a fresh look.


Hello, and welcome to my displays of our dishes. I'm afraid that dishes, table linens and the like, are one of my downfalls. I've often told the story that when I worked in a department store, whenever the sales were low in a department, they would transfer me to that department, so that they could raise the sales there. I spent a lot of time in the Gift Department, which adjoined Domestics and all of those linens. Today I'm showing MOST of my dishes and serving pieces, only showing a little of the linens, I'll save those for another post. If you've seen my post on RMS, you'll recognize my display of Mr. Rooster and the Franciscan, Apple pattern. Hope you enjoy the visit......

Somehow I forgot to post these dishes earlier, most of them are Pfaltzgraff, Pistoulet, a discontinued Christmas pattern. I do use them for a less formal pattern from Thanksgiving through the holidays, however, you will see that I also use them throughout the year. The serving piece on the left rear, is part of a set I got this past Christmas, something I just couldn't resist on QVC. The ceramic, Christmas tree, napkin holder, was a gift made by my niece/goddaughter, who gave the set to me one holiday. The yellow plate is one you'll see I take advantage of in many of my table settings. And that leaves the Partridge, he is part of my collection from Home Interiors.

I'm always mixing the dishes up, this just might be one way I use them together. The dinner plate is, Pfaltzgraff, Green Wash, the yellow plate was made in Portugal, I never could find out the name. The cereal bowl and mug are Pfaltzgraff, Pistoulet, and were part of a Christmas pattern. However, I don't think they look like a holiday pattern, we use them for everyday. That leaves the red and green stemware, they were a present from our son, Rick. I saw them at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant, loved them, and he surprised me with them for me for my birthday. I can't find a name on them. :(

Our Thanksgiving table is another mix of dishes. The glasses and dishes with the pattern, is called Bounty, so I think that it is an appropriate pattern to use for that day. The book shown on the left, has a prayer ritual we say before the meal, which includes everyone telling what they are thankful for. I do use the Bounty dishes through out the holiday season.

Some of you may have already seen our fine china displayed at RMS in our corner, china hutches. I still have this photo displayed there. In the next photo I'll give you some idea of how I use it for our dinner gatherings. One of the projects, I haven't gotten to yet, is making table lines in the toile pattern.

Our fine china, is Lenox, Citation Gold. The stemware, by Miller Rogaska, is Mayfair Gold. I usually use the plaid table cloth with the ivory crocheted table linens, but also have place mats and napkins in the little, bird and holly print, that I use with either and ivory or hunter green cloth, for the holidays.

Maybe you were wondering about the serving pieces for all my different sets of dishes. they are. I use crystal. Although, I do have some serving pieces to match my sets, being able to store everything became a problem in our other home, that's when I decided to start buying crystal, which I use with all my dishes, even my everyday dishes, if the occasion suits it. I have some more crystal, but they are packed and I didn't see the need to get them out, as long as I was able to give you and idea of what I have. The sugar & creamer and salt & pepper are always kept handy and used the most. I have many crystal vases, most of them came from my Mother-in-law , when she would come for a visit from Italy, some are even in pairs. She was always so good to us. I love green, and enjoy cutting the flowers in the vase, before they turn their lovely coral color.

The Sunflower plate, is my latest plate purchase. I bought them mainly to add more color to our wall unit, where they are on display. The lime green goblet, I found many years ago, on a trip to an Ethan Allen Gallery. One was broken, during our move, I'd love to find a replacement, plus other sizes. I may buy the coffee cups and the little ice cream dishes that match the Sunflower, dinner plate, as you already know, I like to mix things up, so I'm not sure what I'll get to go with them, but for now, I'm using the yellow plates. Maybe some day, at least one of you, will come for a visit. ;)
PS...There is a saying for those women who sew at lot, that reads........She who dies having the most fabric is THE WINNER!!!!!!!!...... I wonder what could be composed for someone like me?????


imjacobsmom said...

Beautiful dishes! i love dishes, too! The Ivy pattern -to die for! Using the crystal serving pieces - ingenious! I've always loved the Franciscan patterns.
And your final sunflower plates - I love them! Do you mind sharing where you found them? Robyn

Tootsie said...

I have two is a bridal china pattern I chose for my wedding....and the other is a set of every day never occured to me to have more...until recently when I saw some of the beautiful table scapes you all had posted on RMS....great! more shopping! lol

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Ok,'s are a proud, card caring member of dish-aholics...right along with me and a number of other folks at RMS. LOL Seriously, I love all you gorgeous have some wonderful patterns. I sure hope you participate in Tablescape Tuesday! We will be doing it for a while and with all this great china you will be able to post for a lot of Tuesdays! :-) If you do decide to participate, please feel free to copy the Tablescape Tuesday logo that sweet Shelia from Note Songs made for's on my sidebar. You can put it in your sidebar to let folks know you are going to be participating. And girl, you just have to participate with all this amazing china that you have! :-) Susan

Sheila said...

Your back porch and yard is beautiful! I have been looking for the Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet Holiday dishes, as I never got to finish my set. You wouldn't want to sell them would you? I live in m=north Florida.