Friday, August 29, 2008

MY BOYS (my four legged ones)

These were MY BOYS, also known as Shilo, my Tri Colored Collie, on the top step. Shadow, my Blue Merle Collie in the middle. And Seth, my Sable on the bottom step.

Shilo was my oldest Collie, he was over sized for a collie, but such a beauty. We sang Neil Diamond's song Shilo to him as a puppy, he grew to know the song and would come running when he heard it playing.

Shadow was my shy, timid one, he was scared to death of storms. He chipped a couple of his teeth trying to get out of the chain link fence, if we weren't home and a storm was coming. Poor baby. :(

That leaves Seth, my baby. He grew into such a loving dog, he was smart and very protective of me. He seemed to be able to read my mind.

I had dreams of my dogs coming with us when we moved. I thought I'd be taking them to the beach and watching them run in the sand and wondered how they would react to seeing the ocean's waves for the first time. But it wasn't meant to be. I came home from work one day, and found Seth dead in his pen. I had always gone straight to their pens after work so I could let them out for a run. Seth didn't get up that day.

I don't feel as if I ever got over Seth's death, or ever forgave myself for not being there with when he needed me. Both Shilo and Shadow showed sings on being ill before their deaths, and I was with them at the Vet until the end, so I was prepared for losing them. Although it was hard letting them go, I knew it was their time and I couldn't let them suffer any longer, just for me. All three dogs died in a little over a year's time.

Shadow was still with us, when our son, Rick, bought me Sergei, the dog we now have, you can see the pictures I tried to take of him on my sidebar. Like Seth, he is also a Sable Collie and came from the breeder who bred Shadow's mother, Maggie. My girlfriend ,Louise, bought her from the breeder before I met her. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures I posted of them here.

Shadow and Shilo the day they graduated from Dog Obedience School. The caps belonged to our boys from when they graduated from kindergarten. I swear Shilo has a smile on his face.

Our new little puppy, Shadow and his brother Bandit, on the right, their first day home. Bandit belonged to our son, Doug, and his family.

That's Shadow.....Doesn't it look as if he's saying, " Oh Mom, do I have to get down".

Sorry that this picture is fuzzy, but I wanted to show how 'the boys' would enjoy lounging around our pool.

Seth was always such a 'ham', I never had a problem getting him to pose for a picture.

Here, Seth was a visitor at Seedlings Day Care, which is housed in the Yuengling Mansion, in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. He loved the attention he got and the kids loved having him there. It was such a fun day for everyone.

Now here is Heath, he belonged to our son, Doug, but came to stay with us for a while, while our son was between homes. Heath, was a gentle Doberman, however, a real 'man's dog'.

We never expected to have four dogs, along with our cat, Sasha, at one time, in our home and my husband and I would often make comments to each other about it. I found this clip in a newspaper and had it framed, as a joke, for my husband to hang in his office at work. I did have to 'white out' the name and put in his. If the print is too small for you to read it says, 'Are you there Al'......

A sign hung on the gate to our back yard that read.
SO GO AWAY......

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imjacobsmom said...

Well for starters those little puppy faces are too cute! They look so sweet and cuddley. Then those graduation hats - it's amazing that they stood and posed so nice with them on. They just look so calm and it's pretty to see them all together. Growing up our neighbor had a collie named guess what - Lassie. She was so sweet! My schnauzer BusterBoy was so used to my camera that he would automatically sit and pose when I took it out. And then finally, that cartoon says it all - too funny! ~ Robyn