Friday, November 21, 2008

Gollum's Exercise In Writing

How could I ever have imagined this day, when I got that first email from Charlie, three years ago, that I would see him again after so many years had passed. I don't even know why I extended an invitation to lunch, or why I agreed to house sit for Glo, while she went to Jersey, for a wedding.

Sure, I was curious to experience first hand, the relationship that we've formed again, but it's not like we were lovers or anything. In my mind, he is still that boy that lived across the street, who walked me to the bus stop every school day, when we were in high school. I'd see him open his front door, just as day light started it's daily path across the earth and I'd gather up my things, take a look at the clock to check how much time we'd have to walk the four blocks for our bus, before I'd head out the door to meet with him. If we were early enough, we'd have a pleasurable walk, but if he was running late that morning, we would circle around his friend, Angelo's house, to catch the bus on the next block.

Charlie was a good looking guy, with dreamy, French, blue colored eyes, smooth skin and cinnamon, brown hair. He was always well dressed, wearing freshly pressed shirts and well tailored slacks. But I do remember there was always this large bulge in his pocket from his keys and questioned silently to myself, why he had the need to carry so many. He was always well mannered, so I was caught off guard when he asked if he could phone me, saying, "I'd just like to hear your voice, to see if it still has that soft, sweet tone that I remember so well."

And now he's coming Glo's have lunch with me.......on her porch. Why did I agree to this, what was I thinking. I'm not comfortable here in this house. These surroundings are nothing like my own, I'm so out of my comfort zone.

I wish that I could have at least set the table the way I would at home. This setting would never do for Susan's Tablescape Tuesday. I think I'll have to buy Glo some new table linens for her next birthday, these runners are awful. I can't believe that I couldn't find something else to use. Glo is such a wonderful cook, just like her father was, why wouldn't she have better table linens? I knew from our conversations, that Charlie would enjoy a steak and salad, with his favorite Chianti, so maybe he won't even notice what's covering the table.

I better remember to take small sips of the wine with my meal, in this summer heat, my face will get glossy and my cheeks will turn an apple red. Maybe I should have worn something else, this blouse will get all crinkly and I'll look like an unmade bed. Well it's too late to change now, Charlie will be here any minute.

That thought no sooner crossed my mind, when the doorbell rang, I took a deep breath, ran my tongue across my lips and opened the door. "Hi Sunshine" he said, with that he enveloped me in his arms and kissed me as if we had been doing it for years. His lips were warm, his kiss long but gentle, and girls I learned something new that day.......those were no keys in his well tailored pants pocket. ;)


Bridget said...

Great story. Funny how no one wrote about a ladies tea luncheon (LOL), we all have a steamy element in our stories. I wonder what that says about the ladies of blogland? lol

Donna Marie said...

Hi Jerseygirl,

I remember you from RMS. I found my way here from Gollum's Blog. Great story! I enjoyed reading it, especially the end. (LOL) I love a little spice in every story!

deembee from RMS

Deb said...

Well done! I love it! So much attention to detail. Well earned award! Deb

Gollum said...

This is fabulous--such wonderful imagery. I relate totally to this character. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Muse said...

D!!!! LOL!! You spicy little thing, you!!! I loved your writing, You just have talent all over the place!

Bear hugs,

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I found this through Gollums blog. Woohoo! This was a great story with a sexy little twist at the end! I enjoyed it very much. I have my own story set to post Sunday morning!

Life on Bonnie Lane

artis1111 said...

Great story!!! I just posted my second one. Kathy

phylliso said...

The story was so real,I thought it was for a moment!After that....I need to read more!!!!phylliso