Friday, December 26, 2008


The other day, I received an email from House Beautiful, which showed an article about colorful, teapot sets by Christine Misiak. She buys vintage sets from thrift shops and enamels them in 'eye popping ' colors. You can view and read all about more at I found it all very interesting, since I have a set that sits on the top shelf in my pantry, because I'm tired of polishing it. :(
We tried to take pictures of the restaurant where we had our Christmas dinner yesterday, but most of them didn't turn out. :( This photo of the Manger, is set up in the lobby of the hotel/ restaurant. This is the view from our table, our reservation was at 4pm, so there was still some daylight. There were many people walking on the boardwalk with lots of them walking dogs. The room is filled with gingerbread like this shown in the picture below.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but I wanted to show how ornate it was right above our heads

As we entered the room, where the buffet is set up, this life size Santa greeted us.

A view of one of the fireplaces in a less formal dining room. The windows, in the main dining room, have dollhouses in them, all decorated for Christmas with many mechanical displays, skaters, trains etc. We took them with Susan in mind, because she showed us her dollhouse in a recent post. So sorry Susan, the pictures came out so blurry that you can't make them out. :(

This next picture is one I've wanted to post for some time, but just never did. The two end dolls are ones that my grandchildren sent for my birthday in March. They gave them to me so I wouldn't be lonely when they weren't here. :) The middle doll belongs to youngest granddaughter, Allison, she forgot it when she was here and I took a picture of the three dolls to show her that her baby was well taken care of.


Gollum said...

The teapot article is interesting. My grandmother collected them, and I inherited a few. What are you going to do with yours? They'd be cute as "vases," marching down the table, or at each placesetting.
Loved the pictures. The restaurant is gorgeous.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

I know this restaurant it's Victoria's in the pretty pink hotel on the beach in Rehoboth. Lovely place isn't it? Lucky you Christmas Dinner there. I haven't been there for some time, How was the food and service? Stop by sometime for a visit.

Blue Muse said...

Hi D! Those enameled teapots are so interesting! I never would have thought of that!! I love the black one!! What are you going to do with yours? I so hear you on the polishing blues. =)
The restaurant is gorgeous, I hope your dinner was as tasty as the atmosphere! I especially love the sweet lights and the sea in the background. Mmmm!
xo Isa