Saturday, March 28, 2009


If you've been here to visit me before, you know that I am among those that can be called a DISHAHOLIC. You also know that, I recently received, from my thoughtful cousin, Dee Dee, our Grandmother's dishes. So I've been on eBay looking for some of the missing pieces to the set. Well........while I was looking I saw this pattern, by W.S. George called, Pussy Willow. Isn't it fantastic!!!!!!!! Maybe it's because I'm a March baby and they start to grow this time of year, but the Pussy Willow has always fascinated me. If you'd like to check out All the pieces I've found there, the eBay Store is called, Sap Buckets Galore Antiques To Boot. They are very reasonably priced. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!


The adventures of 1946 Boomers said...

Thank you for your posting. In Vermont the pussywillows are just beginning to bud. Free shipping to anyone who is a guest at our family Lodge in the Northeast Kingdom, :)

imjacobsmom said...

Oh So cute! How much did you buy? Did you find your Mom's china online? I was looking for my Gramma's silverware. It's the April pattern. It was discontinued in 1950. She promised it to me when I was young - she passed away when I was 10, no one can recall where it went..Hmmm! ~ Robyn

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

'D, that is a beautiful the colors! :-)

Tootsie said...

this is a wonderful pattern!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi D~ ~ ~
Picked up the set today at the Berkshire Mall store and they are in the dishwasher now. As I was unwrapping them I noticed that each one has a tiny rough spot on the back of it so I am assuming that they are seconds. That's Ok with me for that price they are a steal.

I purchased the Spode Delamere in Red for everyday and I just love it but I am thinking of keeping the Spode for company and using the Brook Pink for everyday. That's the plan right now. Will post picks later this week. The store still had one set if you need it.
Thanks for the tip about the sale! Your a doll.

I really do like the pussy willow dinnerware. So hopeful of spring. You must do a TT featuring it. Show us what you got! Fondly~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Blue Muse said...

Hey D!
Those dishes are gorgeous! Pussy Willows are amazing. I can just see a beautiful breakfast served up on that stunning dish :)
Have a wonderful week!
xo Isa

imjacobsmom said...

Hi D, Just checking in to say Hi! What are your plans for Easter? My nieces and nephews are coming and I am excited! I have so much to do, yet here I sit in front of the computer.....I bet you are busy with all of the flower arrangements you have coming up! ~ Robyn