Sunday, July 6, 2008


How could I ever make the statement that I don't like pink ????? My very favorite bedroom is done in pink. From my 'all time favorite' wreath that adorns the door to the room, to all my treasured pieces in the room, they all have pink. The bed is dressed using several fabrics with pink. The Madame Alexander doll is in pink, that I carefully place on the bed when I make it. She is the last doll my mother bought me, I was 12 and she thought I had outgrown dolls by then. My favorite Tiffany style lamp has pink, as does my other 'most favorite chimney lamp' from my boutique. The tuffett that I had to try making, at least once in my life, and is still waiting for me to buy the bullion fringe, has pink. The new pillows and cushion for the bench, I conned Al into making from a twin bed and my comfy chair, all with shades of pink.

And then there is this picture of my daughter and her three girls, all being silly, Thanksgiving morning, in there new pink pj's. HOW COULD I EVER SAY I DON'T LIKE PINK...........
My Dear, Dear Olivia, if you read this, I'm sorry, :( but it never stopped Nono and me from buying you all the pink you ever wanted. :)


Gollum said...

In trouble? No way! lol This was fun. After so many years of being enveloped in pink, and being on the receiving end of many non-verbal EWWWWWWWs, I capitulated and de-pinked my decor. What I learned was to never pay attention to EWWWWWWs.:-)

I, too, had Madame Alexander dolls--Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, and Marmee. And I do believe I've got the same plaid (in a pillow).Not to mention pink pjs :-) What an adorable picture.

jerseygirl211 said...

Dear Gollum,

I just got off the phone with my daughter, I had to introduce her to you girls. She is always way too busy to have time to have a blog, she has a day care with around 100 children, give or take a few and four of her own, that she's either running to some sort of ball practice or to dance. But I couldn't resist any longer telling her about 'BLOGLAND.' She still has all the MA dolls you mentioned that you had, and a few others too, like Puddin. I had put them all away when she got older and took them out for her girls to enjoy now.

I've decided it's just pale pink that I don't care for, and lavender too, I don't even want it in my garden. Nasty me.:( I would cut the flowers off of the Hosta, if it weren't for the Hummingbirds liking it so much.

Again Gollum, thanks for all the time and fun you put into your blog, I am so in awe of your talent.


MoonlightandMagnolias said...

Hi you pink post! And I can't ever come to your blog without checking out that fabulous porch! :-) Susan

Bridget said...

Hi, I just popped over from Gollum's! I looove that picture on your sidebar! Your back porch is to die for and if you ever want to toss the green leather couch, toss it my way! Cheers, B.

artis1111 said...

My niece just got her first home .She is 21 and loves pink. I am doing most of the doublewide in pink and brown. She also loves the ocean, so we are using the some things she brought back from P.R. We are using photos she took there. I am having a ball. Kathy