Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today I read, on another blog, about how several mishaps had damaged the woman's Raggedy Ann doll, that she's had since she was a child. So I wrote, telling her about some of my my life's memories of the doll, loved by so many little girls. I also told her that I would post the Ann and Andy that I made, back in 1972. They are a pair of cookie jars, that I display proudly, in the china cabinet in our eating area, of the kitchen. I also wrote to her about a pair of antique looking, Ann & Andy lamps that I had made in plaster for our kids room, as toddlers, and how I lent them to a girlfriend, for her babies room, when our children had grown to big for them. She never returned them, she sold them at a garage sale, along with a bassinet we cherished, that I also let her use. Other friends had used it for their infants and all the babies names and birth dates were listed on the bottom. It was such a heartbreak when I found out they were all gone.

I proudly wrote to 'imjacobsmom', that I made Halloween costumes for our oldest son and daughter one year. They won first place in their age group. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure which album that photo is in right now, or I'd post it too.

On a better note, I'm sure her Raggedy Ann can be fixed. I hope that's of some comfort to her.

Good Night everyone, hope your dreams are good ones. ;)

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imjacobsmom said...

Hi D ~
Thanks for posting your adorable cookie jars! I didn't know they made the Raggedy Ann & Andy molds. Too bad about your lamps, though. Did you use those molds for them, too?
Our bassinet is a goner also. I have an aunt that sold everyone's cherished baby items. However, we still have our 54 year old baptismal gown. It was worn by all of the girl babies on my Mom's side of the family. I only have my one son. I guess I should've have put it on him anyway -LOL!
I bet your kids were darling in those costumes - it sounds like you are a great Mom!
It was fun meeting another Raggedy Ann Lover!
~ Robyn