Friday, August 1, 2008


We don't really have formal gardens, and lately I enjoy container gardening more.
The first picture , #1 of the deep coral flower, looks like a Gerber Daisy and I really like Gerber Daises. This one keeps blooming and blooming all summer long.
Picture #2 is of New Guinea Impatients, and Pentas (Star Clusters). I'm so glad I saved those Pfaltzgraff canisters, they sure came in handy. ;) Poor turtle....he's still waiting for a new left eye.
Picture #3 is the New Guinea Impatients again, they've been a favorite of mine for years and I can never have enough of them. But I only buy the deep red color.
Allyson Heather is pictured in #4, planted around the base of our garden structure, pagoda. We planted it there last year, and liked the way it looked there, so did it again this year. I love the way it just hugs the base of the pagoda.
That leaves #5, the white Alyssum that is planted around our little,' trickle' waterfall. This is the first year we planted them there and I'm so very pleased that we did. I call this the trickle waterfall, because of the gentle way the water falls into the Koi pond. The Koi can often be seen lingering under the water, as it gently drips down on them. I can't believe how big our fish are getting, I'll have to post pictures of them.
These are only some of the flowers that we get to enjoy, that are right around or on our back porch. Just thought I'd share.


imjacobsmom said...

I can't wait to see the pics of your koi pond. Your flowers are beautiful. ~ Robyn

Tootsie said...

if I didn't love you before...I certainly do now! these are fantastic...I can't wait to see more! I am gone for a week starting now....thanks for all the support you have given me. You have no idea how much you all mean to me!