Thursday, September 25, 2008


I've mentioned, in other writings, in the past, that I once had my own boutique. It was called The Tiffany Boutique. I also wrote, that I had very talented people who would bring their crafts into my store for me to sell, some on consignment, some I bought right out. The pumpkins I'm showing below are one of the many items created by one of my favorite crafters. This is only a sampling of her work but one of my favorites. Doesn't she do great work. The second photo below, is one of the ways that I use these pieces in a wreath. I've made this wreath many times in the past, but the one I'm showing below is the one I made today. I've made it as a gift to welcome a new neighbor, I hope she'll like it. I'm able to put this up the beginning of the Fall season and use it right thru Thanksgiving. I've often thought of making them and selling them, but I enjoy giving them as a gift, maybe that's being selfish of me. I'll have to get together some of Suzie's (that's her name) other crafts that she's made, especially the dogs for all of you dog lovers. I'm so proud of her work, but I guess you figured that out by now.


Tootsie said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!! what a perfet addition!

imjacobsmom said...

I didn't know you had a craft boutique, no wonder you always have such cute ideas! ~ Robyn

imjacobsmom said...

D, wedding flowers sounds like a lot of fun. I had silk flowers at my wedding, too. I was married in 1986 - before the internet and before cell phones. I lived in Montana, and my fiance lived in Minnesota. My cousin flew out to Montana to help me create the bouquets, boutineers, headbands, and centerpieces, etc. It was easier having silk at the time. I was married in Minnesota and everything, all food tastings and etc. had to be crammed into quick weekend trips. The girls have it so easy now-a-days, don't they? BTW, I tried to look up your bathroom on RMS but it wouldn't come up. Then I tried to look at my own rooms and they wouldn't show either. Hmmmm. If you want to, why don't you go ahead and repost it. I'll dig out my old wedding pics to show you my flowers for a hoot! ~ Robyn

Picket said...

Beautiful pumpkins and what a beautiful gift for your new neighbor...I always welcome new neighbors with some little something..usually something cooked by little ol me...I think more people should show alittle more hospitality to their neighbors! Hope you are having a great start to Fall!

Rue said...

Hi D :)

Those are beautiful! I think you should try selling them :)


imjacobsmom said...

Hi D,
Stop on by and pick up your little something-something from my blog. Okay, it's the Gold Card Award. Have a nice weekend. ~ Robyn