Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Morning.......

My good friend, Tootsie, passed on a request from another blogger, to make a list of six (6) things I value in life, and six (6) things that I don't value. So here goes......


1. I value God.... and my belief that he is there for me when I have the need to turn to him. I value all the gifts he has given to me.

2. I value All of my family and my extended family. Especially the love and friendships that I have with my children and grandchildren.

3. Being an animal lover, I value all the animals that have been part of my life and the lasting memories I have of those that have passed, especially my Collies and the love they've given me in return.

4. I value all of the friends I have in life and on line. You all know who you are.

5. I do value all of the material things that I have, most of them have so much sentimental value attached to them. And if I lost them, I'd feel as if I lost a part of my life.

6. I value the time I had to spend with those loved ones that have passed. The memories of them live with me every day, in my heart.


1. I don't value dishonesty.

2. I don't value nosey people.

3. I don't value inhumanity to any man, or cruelty to animals.

4. I don't value buying something just because it has a 'Name' attached to it (hope you know what I mean). I buy for looks and the value I believe it will have for me or the person I'm getting it for.

5. I don't value any person who thinks they are better than another. For example.....I think that the person cleaning the streets in front of the White House deserves my respect just as much as the person living inside. Unless one or the other proves different.

6. I don't value anyone who doesn't value another person.

a. By not, at least, listening to their opinion.
b. By not offering help when they are in need.
c. By being a 'know it all'.
d. By being cruel to them. etc. etc. etc.

Well, I think you get the idea...

Now go list six things you value and don't value, post them on your blog and keep this going so we can all get to know one another better.


Happy To Be said...

Hey D, thanks girl for coming by and for the warm welcome...I loved your value I also put God first above all else..I see you also have 3 kids and 10 grand kids WOW!! I only got seven but do have 1 great grand son now and 3 more of them on the way...boy Christmas is going to be expense at my house girl haha!! you were also on RMS weren't you?? I so remember your home from there.. any hoo please come by any time I loved your visit...Hugs and smiles Gloria

Rue said...

Good morning D :)

That was a great list!

Yes, 10 out of 15 girls showed up and they stayed up until 4am. I was tired for 2 days afterwards LOL

love and hugs,