Friday, October 10, 2008


I've decided to give our master bedroom a new look this winter, so I thought I'd share it with you. I didn't mean for this picture to be the first one shown, but since it is let me explain what your seeing. The big, comfy wing back that you see tucked in the corner, is upholstered in a flame stitch fabric, which is one of my all time, favorite patterns. I intend to skirt around the legs with a bullion fringe, when I'm able to get to Maryland, to the Sewing Outlet. My sister and I make a trip there every so often, with a long list of things we know we can buy there. The little fireplace to the left of the chair is heated with gel cans. I need to have my husband build about a twelve inch base under the fireplace to raise it, and then I intend to paint it white so it will stand out more, I feel it's getting lost in all that dark furniture.

Now we get to our new comforter. I found it on line at the Macy's site. It's part of the Martha Stewart Collection, it was on sale for under a hundred dollars. It came with two sets of shams and a bed skirt, which I'll most likely use to make some throw pillows someday.

This is what you can see looking in through the door from the hallway.

The round table, which is actually two marble top half rounds used back to back, is what you see as you enter the room. It holds a favorite picture of my mother as a small child and the picture to the left is one of my Aunt Rose, her first cousin, a favorite Aunt of mine.

I always buy a matching spread for the daybed. This one is a queen size, which I've wrapped under the mattress to allow the plaid bed skit to show more. I like to use a plaid fabric, when making pieces like this, so that I don't have a hard time matching colors and prints when buying future comforters. Two guesses what four legged part of our family sleeps here. :) Which is another reason I like to wrap the mattress, it stays in place and I don't have to fix it every time I come into the room. Sergei hasn't learned how to make his own bed yet.

There is a raspberry color in the plaid and the rug also, so I made the floral arrangement out of raspberry Peonies. The lamp came from Italy and was gift from a friend. The lamp shade is one I bought at Lowe's recently, to replace the old one that was silk and started to fray.

I didn't mean to give the daybed that curved look, but after I added the camel, colored shams behind the plaid, it curved on it's own. I like the look, it's different, but I still have to find some throw pillows, on my next shopping trip.

A closeup of the comforter and bed skirt.

Another look at the table etc. The fabric used for the table cover is the same fabric as our Summer spread. See what I mean about being able to match other fabrics with a plaid. I bought another spread to make the table cover, that way I didn't have to piece it and I was lucky that it had been marked down to a very good price at Spiegel's on line.

The bed from a different angle. The sheers, behind the bed, are only tied back this time of year, so that we can open the window and enjoy the Fall night air.

We still hope to replace the carpet with hardwood floors someday and I'd like to get a flat screen tv for the armoire by the day bed, instead of it sitting on the top of the carved trunk. Of course we'll have to turn the armoire, so that it will face the bed.
Do you think this constant need to change/decorate could be a sickness? :)
Till next time.....
Hugs 'D'


Chris said...

Your work is amazing, you must have a huge bedroom. I even made my husband look at your pictures, I love what you did. I feel like such a plain jane.LOL


imjacobsmom said...

5 stars from me! Great choice with the Martha Stewart bedding. The plaid and florals make the room so homey and comfortable. Don't tell me that Sergei isn't spoiled with his own matching Daybed! That was a great idea of wrapping the mattress with the larger comforter. And I think the curve of the pillows makes it look so cozy! This room is spectacular! ~ Robyn

Tootsie said...

yes it is a least that is what my husband says....this is gorgeous! I love the new I think I might be needing to do some
I feel a bout of decoritis coming on! lol

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

D, you bedroom is your new comforter set! Love it all! Beautiful design and the colors are fabulous!!! Susan

Rue said...

Hi D :)

Your bedroom looks beautiful!! I love the new bedding :)

I just read the story about your mother-in-law on the side bar and it really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing that part of your life :)


Hooked on Houses said...

How lovely! Your room looks so warm and cozy with those fabrics. Thanks for showing us, D!

I think if the constant need to change/decorate is a sickness, then a lot of us need to see a doctor. Ha.

Have a wonderful weekend! -Julia :-)

Ms. Tee said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely room. I really like your comforter - very pretty. :)

artis1111 said...

Love the colors and the fabricks. Kathy