Thursday, November 13, 2008


There was an interest, by some of our fellow bloggers, to see some photo's from our daughter's wedding. I mentioned that I did all the flowers and also that she chose a English Riding Theme for her wedding. Theme weddings were big in our area at that time.

Our cable has been going on and off, the past few days, they are working on the lines, so I admit I was in a hurry posting this, before it goes off again. Plus the pictures are glued into the album and I couldn't get them out to scan, some are a little crooked. :(

Cindy's gown was made by a very talented, young man, John, he also made her hat and veil to match. The lace is a ribbon lace, that Cindy saw in a bridal magazine, and John bought in New York. Her triple, layered veil and bottom of her gown, are all edged in satin ribbon. She chose an ivory color fabric, since she is very fair and she looks very washed out in white. The skirt is very plain organza, because she wanted a large bouquet with streams of Ivy, to got with her theme.
John also made the flower girl's dresses, using the same organza as Cindy's gown. The sashes and bows, at their waists, are made from the same material as the bridesmaids skirts. I made the girls headpieces and their little bouquets. All of the flower girls are either Cindy's nieces or her Goddaughter's.
The wedding was held in St. Patrick's Church, in Pottsville, Pa.. This church is beautiful and has undergone renovations since the wedding, that have added to it's beauty. The church is built right next to the Yuengling Brewery, in fact I believe the buildings may even be attached. This has always been brunt of some good jokes. ;) Cindy loves Hydrangeas and chose them to be used for her October wedding flowers in church and at the reception. Yep, I did those flowers too.
Okay, so this looks more like a class reunion then a wedding party, that was not my daughter's doing. The groom, Tom, wanted all of his friends, and kept asking our daughter if she had a partner for each of them. At the time of the wedding, Tom's father was dying of cancer, so we just let him have all his friends and family around him. We wanted their day to be everything THEY wanted and their group of friends are extremely close to this day. The little boys are Tom's Godsons. There were 31 in the wedding party.

Another young, talented women, made the girls outfits and the grooms men's vests. The vest material, is an upholstery fabric that Cindy and I picked out from a Calico Corners. The skirts were a georgette crepe and she sewed the organza collar and sleeves onto the vests, in order to cut down on the cost for the girls. They carried riding crops, which Cindy ordered from a riding equipment store, and I decorated with flowers. I was able to order the girls riding hats thru one of the Boscov's Buyers for the store, they were just a plain black felt. I added a flocked,dotted Swiss netting with streamers and flowers in the back, that matched those on the riding crops.
The grooms men's tuxes were black and they chose to wear a band collar, ivory shirt.
This first picture is of our youngest son, Rick, and my husband's sister's daughter, Natalia. The second picture is of our oldest son, Doug, and my sister's daughter, Lisa-Anne.

The two young people, who made the outfits, worked so well together, they are both very talented people. Yes, a few things went wrong that day, it rained, so that the open horse-drawn carriage couldn't be used for the newlyweds, and the manager of the country club, where the reception was held, make several BIG mistakes. He gave our seats at the reception to other people, they were elderly and traveled from another state, we just couldn't ask them to move. He forgot to order a different menu for the India born doctors that were there, and neglected to have someone put the flowers on the head table. I didn't notice until the reception was almost over. Because of the seating mistake, my back was to the head table, so I didn't pick up on it. Plus I was so exhausted from both working my full time job and making all the flowers, that I just didn't have my wits about me that day. But all-in-all it was a great day.


Lynne said...

Oh my goodness.. Thanks so much for sharing this special day.. All of the talent and the beauty is beyond words.. I guess a wedding wouldn't be a wedding without a malfuncion or two would it? I'm glad Tom got to have all of his family around him as he started a new life..sure glad the cable held out for you to share with us..
hugs ~lynne~

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Looks like it turned out beautifully to me! I think all those mistakes we have kind of turn out to be funny stories afterwards! I had 6 attendents and as I went down the eisle I heard my mother say "where is her bouquet?" No one had remembered to help me with that and I was so nervous- I told my husband that I literally came to him empty handed!!!

imjacobsmom said...

D, what a spectacular wedding! Not to mention the volume of the wedding party - Wow! But the details on the bridesmaid dresses and the riding bolers and the riding crops very special! Your daughter is lucky she has such a talented Mom! I bet this was afun wedding to put together! BTW, your daughter made a beautiful bride. ~ Robyn

Blue Muse said...

Oh, D, glitches or not, what a gorgeous wedding!! (Besides, what's a wedding without some glitches?) Your daughter is a picture perfect, absolutely stunning bride! I love everything - the gown, the flowers, the angelic children, the gorgeous church... What a day that must have been!

Thank you so much for sharing that special day and such beautiful photos!


LillyB said...

Oh everything was so beautiful!!