Monday, November 10, 2008


Our last bedroom, that needs a makeover, is the room we call Ricky's Room. Our son, Rick, was the person who gave us the most help, when we moved, so we gave him his own room for when he comes for visits. All the walls are exactly the way we found them, except for the boarder, we added that.This area rug came from the family room in our other house, I pulled out a lot of the colors from it, when buying bed linens. Most of the other pieces in the room were ones we already had.
The wing back chair and ottoman, came from our last living room, it's covered in a Waverly, Cranston Plaid, pattern the color is spice. My husband made the lamp, which he copied from one we saw in a store in Long Beach Island, N. J., while vacationing there. The chest, that is being used as an end table, is one of a pair, I sold them, and matching pieces in my boutique back in the 80's.

This picture didn't turn our great, but I had to add it anyhow.

Now.....this is one of those awful :( things I did to cover up marks in the wallpaper. This was a teenager's room and he had posters hanging above the bed. I had a roll of this fabric and used it to cover the holes. I've never liked it, but never thought it would take this long to put up new paper. I'm planning on putting up grass cloth, since I still want to keep a nautical them in that room.
The view to the right of the bed.

Same side, just down a little. The lamp on that table is one we've had since we got married. There is another single, globe that matches it, up in the attic. The lighthouse is really a birdhouse. The chair and table came from our Pa. sun room.
The tv sits on a piece that was left in the house. Like the paneling, it is washed in a blue stain, with a little more of the wood showing thru. I believe the previous owner's son used it as a desk and book shelves. I've wanted to replace it, however, I've never come across a piece I want to replace it with. of my pet peeves is being able to see the light cords. I try to hind them, but.....

The sand painting, is one of the first pieces of merchandise I bought for my boutique, It represents two American Indian Tribes, one from the bride's tribe and one from the groom's. The salesman came into my store when I was still getting set up in the shop.

Another picture of the lamp and birdhouse..

The picture below, came from Rick's room in Pa.. We always liked the saying............

Our whole family has always loved our vacations at the Jersey Shore. I am so happy that we were able to find a place, here in Delaware, that is somewhat like our favorite Jersey vacationing place. LBI.......(Long Beach Island) for those of you who don't know.


Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Cute room- I love that check chair!


Lynne said...

What a darling room. I especially love the saying.. I'm going to try and remember that..and I'm sooo in love with that chair and ottoman girl.. you must always hang onto it..unless you want to will it to ~lynne~

Lynne said...

What a darling room. I especially love the saying.. I'm going to try and remember that..and I'm sooo in love with that chair and ottoman girl.. you must always hang onto it..unless you want to will it to ~lynne~

Blue Muse said...

Hi Busy D! Hugs!

What are you going to do to this room? Any ideas?

It's a great room - I love the blue stain and all the beach things (I'm biased that way!)

Your husband is so handy - I love the lamp he made.

I can't wait to see what happens in here- take us along on the project as it goes!

I'm taking a down day and getting all my cinderella chores done around the place, no guest house work for me, today! Woohoo! =)

Thanks for being such a good cheerleader for my overwhelming project, it means a lot.

Enjoy your day, Miss D.

Lynne said...

How funny that your cable goes off and I stay on there..Day dreamers think alike huh? I would love to see pictures of the English Riding Themed wedding.. I bet it was out of this world "gorgeous". I'm really into the hunt end of the decorating all the animals and the cozy feeling it throws off in a room.. I've purchased so many animal related things lately my daughter thinks I might need
I'm back to the "war room" as I so fondly call the store room.. making head way.. It's almost scary in there now..Organization what a's come to my little corner of the world..
hugs ~lynne~

Tootsie said...

I want that red check chair!!!!! Love that chair....can't wait to see it done