Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When we were looking for a new home, back in 1998, we did consider buying waterfront property. We've always loved being near or on the water. Little did we know that over ten years later, that we would experience what it would be like living near the water. Between all the snow and rain we've had over the past few months, the water just has no place to go. We do consider ourselves lucky however, since there are a lot of homes in our area that have water in their homes. One house has a rowboat propped up at their back door. Their driveway has so much water on it, that they have to park their car out on the road, use the boat to get out of their house, and to their car.

This picture was taken from the road in front of our house, our driveway is covered with water, only an inch or so deep, so we can drive on it.

This photo was taken looking out our bedroom window towards our driveway. That is our water-run-off pond in the upper middle of the picture, on the side of the driveway. For the last few years it has been completely empty.

The water comes from the left of our property and runs across it, at one point my husband found a fish, about 6 inches long, flapping across the driveway. He put it in our fish pond, but we haven't seen it since. Someone, north of us, must have a pond that overflowed and their fish got out, that is the only explanation we have for finding the fish in our yard.
I'm sure that our mailman doesn't enjoy delivering the mail these days. :(

When all this weather started, we were in the middle of doing projects inside our house. As you can see in this picture of our garage and my husband's work shed, have water in them, he can't get to his table saw etc. to use his tools, so our projects aren't completed. I'll post some photo's soon, but keep in mind that we aren't finished yet.

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FairfieldHouse said...

D -

I feel your pain and hope your lake has gone dry by now. It's funny you found a fish! If you look back in my blog you will see we have been flooded (unfortunately more than once!) We had a few feet in our basement with three sump pumps running!