Saturday, May 15, 2010


Last year, when Rue of (PBAJL) posted some pictures from one of her many driving tours, I mentioned that, someday I'd have to remember to take my camera along on our drive, so that I could share photos of some of the houses on THE CANAL, in Lewes, Delaware. There are so many beautiful houses along that road, most of them have been renovated, there are some that are new, but I've lost track of the homes that have been there, they all look new to me now. The first one, is one of the smaller homes, and I do think it is one of the older ones, with it's new look.
In another month, the flower beds will be filled with fantastic color from the flowers that will bloom there. They don't put them in the ground until after the threat of frost has passed. That doesn't stop the owners from having beautifully manicured lawns.
How nice it would be to live in one of these beauties, however, I'm not sure that I would like having people, like myself, diving the road taking pictures all the time. Plus there isn't a home on this road that has less than a million dollar price tag.

Most of the homes sit on a nice piece of property............................

Then there are a few that have been built right next to each other. They could be owned by the same family, maybe mother/daughter owners. Or a part of the property sold because of what the owners could make on the sale of a lot.

The row of houses in this photo, are located on the other side of the canal. They have all been built in the last ten years. When we first moved here that land was all marsh-like property.

Each of the original houses, came with a lot, as shown above, across the street from the home with access to The Canal. Each had a dock where they could tie up their boat or boats.
Most of the properties also have boat houses: it is not unusual to see the owners out there, usually on a Sunday morning, having brunch or some other kind of social event. I couldn't get a good picture of the more elaborate boat houses, as there were too many trees in the way, or another driver behind us was waiting to pass, when another car was coming in the opposite direction. But I'd take any one of them.

Well......maybe not any of them, this one is a little odd looking, but interesting. It had to take a lot of talent to get that 3-D look on the outside of the building.
Downtown Lewes is charming. It has many little shops that would perk any one's interest. It always amazes me how this area can support so many great activities year round, there is always something going on. So much so, that in the next few years, cruise ships will be docking here during their ocean voyage down the East Coast.
Hope you enjoyed a very small look at the homes on The Canal, maybe you just might see them for yourself some day.


Rue said...

Hi sweet D :)

What a beautiful drive that is! My favorite house is that first one. SO cute!!


FairfieldHouse said...

D -

I will indeed plan a trip to Lewes one of these upcoming weekends via the CapeMay/Lewes Ferry! I have never been. I am always drawn to older architecture and prefer the first home, although the newer ones you featured are stunning. Thank you for sharing.

I enjoyed reading your views on my recent post. I think I will be revisiting the topic.

Your Friend,

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a beautiful drive you took us on. I cannot imagine living in a home that costs over a million Their yards alone are fantastic looking, I can only imagine what the insides look like. Do you have watch the Housewives Of New Jersey? Wonder if any of these homes could have been theirs?? I hope you and your family are having a wonderful w/k. Me, I'm working my tale off doing yard work among other things, having a ball enjoying being at home. Mr. P is a bit more confused today than he has been in a while, so me being here is a blessing that's for sure... thanks for the beautiful tour darling.. hugs ~lynne~

FairfieldHouse said...

D -

It must be a Jersey Girl thing ... we only blog when we have something to say!

Thank you for your comments. Looking forward to YOUR next post.

Your Friend,