Thursday, January 6, 2011


I guess we all have to take a break from things
sometimes, and that's what I did when I didn't
post for a while. Actually, I've been 'down in the dumps' since I lost my beautiful, Collie,
Sergei, in July, and it seemed that every time
I tried to write, that I became very emotional
and had to stop what I was doing. I can't explain
why that was happening, but it did. However, this is a new year and I wanted to post about the
things that have been keeping us busy.

The picture above shows the new arrangement of our living room. Last year, in January, my husband removed the wall to wall, kelly green, carpet and laid down our new hardwood floors. It was such a welcome change and they look great. If you have viewed my blog in the past, you may remember that our four piece wall unit was standing side by side and covered the side window that is shown here.

I had always used the wall unit as one piece and was hesitant about separating it. However, I love the way it's being used now, as corner units.

Now that the window is uncovered, I had to make another top treatment to match the one we already had on the front window. I never thought that I'd be able to match the fabric, after all, it's been years since I made the first one. But, I lucked out and found the material at my favorite on line store,
I couldn't match the fringe, so I removed it from the front treatment until I can find what I need for both of them.

Now I have a dilemma, I was thinking of getting plantation blinds for the window because with the curtains off, I'm in love with the way the sun
shows thru the window and shines on the fern
and highlights the embellishments on my little
Chinese chest.

We had always planned on purchasing window grilles for our windows, but now after seeing how the sun plays in the room, I'm not sure what to do. I did get in touch with the Anderson Window Company trying to get information on the cost of the grilles, so if they are too costly, that may be our deciding factor, not that plantation blinds will cost any less. :(

Let me also mention here, that when I first started looking for the plaid material to match the wing back that we had purchased, I found it in one store selling for $39 a yard.

After shopping around I was able to purchase it for $14 a yard. However, this last purchase of the material at Barn Fabric Center, I was able to buy it for $3.99 a yard. :)

Pictured in this last photo, is the other two wall unit pieces, cornered and used as a desk area. For now, until I come across an area rug that I like, I'm using one of the rugs from our bedroom under the coffee table. In this picture you can also see a little of our new hardwood floors.



FairfieldHouse said...


Your living room is gorgeous. I love your clever solution of dividing up the wall unit and using them as corner pieces. Your husband did a great job on the hardwood floors. I like the rich color, it adds so much warmth to the room. You, my friend, are such a talented seamstress and I would love to enlist your paid services after you are finished with the upcoming wedding. So happy you are blogging again. Looking forward to many more posts this year. I understand the pain you feel in loosing your best friend, but I know Sergei is busy playing with Buster until you are reunited once again.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hello darling, Your living room is over the top gorgeous. I would sure go with plantation blinds if I could. Since I have to keep most of the blinds closed right now..... I'm all about letting the light in, and that is so needed right about now. I'm so sorry to read about your darling dog...wish I could wrap my arms around you and give you a huge hug!! This year hasn't started off much better, sure hope things start to look up girl I might just loose my mind... I hope you're having a great year so far... hugs and hugs ~lynne~