Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, here it is, our new hardwood floor in the dining room. There are still a few finishing touches that have to get done, shoe molding and a new heating vent, but that old, green carpet is finally gone. :<) And all of this 'stuff,'' that was moved into the living room, has to be cleaned, dusted, re-arranged and put back into it's space. As you can see, the living room still has some Christmas decorations, my impatient husband couldn't wait until I removed them to start on the floor.
I have no idea where all of our living room furniture is going to go when DH decides he's ready to lay the hardwoods in there. This isn't exactly the way I thought I was going to do my Spring Cleaning this year. Well....that's one room down and several more to go.


Tootsie said...

how very exciting! cannot wait for the finished product!

imjacobsmom said...

Oh that looks so pretty! I bet you are just thrilled! I remember when my Dad and I installed the hardwood in my dining room and kitchen It is a lot of work! I have two bedrooms yet to do and I am stalling - although my Dad isn't getting any younger....LOL...or me for that matter...Robyn

Miss Janice said...

Your floors look great--can't wait for pictures! I'm enjoying your blog today and especially love hearing Clay Aiken! I am a huge Clayfan:-)

Blue Muse said...

Oooo D! The floor looks fantastic!!

Being one that is still unpacking boxes from a recent move, I feel your pain about moving furniture and rooms around! It will be worth it in the end with those beautiful floors in place, though!

Hope that you're staying warm!

xo Isa

Rue said...

Hi D :)

Yaaaaay! New wood floors!! Your house looks like mine right now and you're not even moving LOL It's okay, because it's going to be beautiful!!


Naz said...

The floors look fabulous! Your husband sounds like mine, once he gets a project going watch out! lol
Have fun creating your new room and goodbye green carpet.

jerseygirl211 said...

Hi Naz,

I read on Isa blog that you weren't feeling well, hope your doing better now. Yeah, the green carpet is gone in the dining room, but now it only makes the living room carpet look worse. LOL I wouldn't mind if my DH decided to takle it now also, but if we get warmer weather, then he is working outside and the inside work gets pushed aside . :(

Stay well and thanks for the visit.


Miss Janice said...

Hello again, please stop by my blog. I have a dear friend who needs our prayers!